binary vs quantum cryptography

Raising, Bottom Up: some new assumption and strategies to keep some privacy infront the nsa attack….

  • … instead of web of trust wot, using CWOT - comcomized web of trust.
  • … instead of only adding entropy, adding order and then entropy again and again, e.g. the unction Xhash(hash(msg cut hash result (digest) and for each piece )being an index to) a list of real sentences (able to be translated without more suggestion, e.g. tor google) , of which one is randomly picked and combined into the resulted-new-data (filtered like or by spam filters technics ) of which complete result is hashed again (with different key/method).
    • ..since the Quantum power is used for adding statistical mesure for subjectivity , which can be used in translation between languages.
    • qunati result give things like pile , superposition as in relation between positions, and entanglement as more then one element including the exactly the same element.
  • see also
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